Sunday, July 3, 2011

También la lluvia

One of the best movies I've seen recently and made quite an impression on me was the spanish "También la lluvia", translated in english as "Even the Rain".

The plot is about a spanish director and his cast who go to Bolivia to shoot a controversial film about Christopher Colombus and how he abused the locals in order to gather as much gold as he could. Strangely enough, at the time of the shooting, there seems to be a similar situation. But in this case its the locals versus international companies and their interests, and instead of gold, its something much more vital: water. In order to gain as much profit as possible, they privatize all the water supply and they even forbid the locals to gather rainwater (thus the title of the movie). So when the riots begin, and one of the local actors is found leading the protesters, the crew is also tangled up, and they have to show if they can stand up for what they believe.

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